Unlock Your Health Potential
with Petra Klein Dietitian

Welcome to your new health future......

...... and the place I feel most inspired!

This is where I get to share the knowledge I love to learn,
in a way that can help you get healthy.


What does healthy mean? For most it includes:


Having the energy to do
dance, sing, garden, concentrate, read, think, mountain climb,
race a car, laugh, love, play with your children,
support your family and friends, handling life’s stressors with calm confidence ……


Having the energy to relax –
watch the birds, listen to music, watch a sunset, letting the monkey mind go,
connecting to the calm.


Sleeping well and waking refreshed.


A body that can move without pain and heal well after an injury.


Let me help you learn how to ‘hunt and gather’ in the modern food jungle,

so you know which foods are the true prizes, will get and keep you healthy and sustained,

and which are better left away. You may be pleasantly surprised.

My goal is to teach you so well, you never need to see a dietitian again.

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